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Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the establishment of "market-oriented, customer-centric, quality survival, efficiency and development" enterprise purpose and service system. Based on good faith, the company is willing to make friends with new friends and exchange technical experience with each other. Similar to natural grass in appearance and performance, good elasticity, good recovery after pressure, flexible and wear-resisting, flame retardant, anti-aging, heat preservation. It is waterproof, fast drainage, anti-ULTRAVIOLET, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, environmental protection, easy maintenance and other characteristics, mainly used for various landscape decoration, such as roof garden, terrace, sunshine room, balcony, playground, auto show, kindergarten, swimming pool, yacht, park, landscape. Yacht, yacht, fitness trail, highway landscape, etc. We to safety, health, environmental protection products and good service, integrity, professional attitude to business.

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How do you determine the merits of artificial landscape simulated turf?

Artificial turf is mainly made of polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, etc., all of which are chemical products that are actually common in our lives such as Plastic cups and so on the same plastic; at present, artificial turf material is mostly polyethylene and polypropylene based. The expert pointed out that, from the material itself, artificial turf is non-toxic, after the heat...

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How to maintain the artificial turf during the rainy season?

First, cooling.
During the hot summer months, the exterior temperature of artificial turf is much warmer than natural grass, and it does not absorb heat as well as natural grass. To reach the cooling effect, in fact, artificial turf is PE polyethylene raw material, but high temperature exposure after the artificial turf will increase the thermal effect...

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Advantages of using artificial turf in cold winters.

Artificial grass has been used more and more in recent years, especially during the cold winter months. The average natural lawn becomes lifeless in the winter, and natural grass cannot be used properly in high cold and hot climates We often don't get a glimpse of greenery around us, but artificial turf can be used to its advantage in the winter...

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