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How do you determine the merits of artificial landscape simulated turf?

Artificial turf is mainly made of polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, etc., all of which are chemical products that are actually common in our lives such as Plastic cups and so on the same plastic; at present, artificial turf material is mostly polyethylene and polypropylene based. The expert pointed out that, from the material itself, artificial turf is non-toxic, after the heat also did not have toxic gas, former artificial turf produce harm. Mainly because of fibrillation, i.e., it becomes brittle and weathered into flocculent after being exposed to ultraviolet rays, temperature changes, acid rain, etc. Children tumble on it and particles are easily inhaled into the respiratory tract, causing respiratory problems. This problem has occurred before, and international standards have since been modified and improved to solve this problem in the process of artificial turf The process of making the soccer field turf has changed from small molecules to large molecules, making the aging particles of the soccer field turf coarse, difficult to inhale, and very A good solution to this problem.

For artificial turf, before the construction of the finished product are thoroughly tested, including anti-UV test, anti-aging test and other ten standards. The big companies do not have quality inspection reports for every batch of goods sent out. At present, Japan, Korea are in a large number of use, some of the top clubs in Europe are using.

With the advent of artificial landscape simulation lawn, now many of the kindergarten in the decoration or the laying of the sports field has been mostly choose simulation lawn as the first choice, that no matter whether it is kindergarten, or other projects, as long as it is to buy simulation lawn will have a problem to pay attention to, that is, how to judge the advantages and disadvantages of simulation lawn, simulation lawn in the end how?

Artificial Landscape Simulation Turf

1.Pavement arbitrariness, not afraid of cracking, no blistering delamination of worry, cost-effective.

2.Artificial grass material is environmentally friendly, finished construction, fixed and short construction period, easy to grasp the quality, acceptance is simple.

3.Strong integrity, life can reach 8 years or more, and durable resistant to maintenance, not affected by the season can be used around the clock.

4.Artificial grass maintenance is simple, maintenance cost is low, only need to wash with water to remove dirt, and has not fade not deformation and other characteristics.

5.Safe and harmless, flexible, fire-retardant performance characteristics, suitable for schools, sports venues and other places to use, is now the best training, activities, games and other venues.

6.Simulation turf to take the concept of safety and environmental protection, to avoid injury-led sports, it provides enough buffering force, reduce the general hard ground on the feet may lead to injury, so that you do not have a variety of concerns caused by the field.

7.Lawn delineation using direct preparation, do not need to be annoyed by frequent delineation, easy maintenance, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.