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Advantages of using artificial turf in cold winters.

Artificial grass has been used more and more in recent years, especially during the cold winter months. The average natural lawn becomes lifeless in the winter, and natural grass cannot be used properly in high cold and hot climates We often don't get a glimpse of greenery around us, but artificial turf can be used to its advantage in the winter.


All-weather: It's virtually impervious to weather, which greatly increases the efficiency of your turf, and can be used in extreme climates such as cold and heat.


Evergreen: After the natural grass enters the dormant period, the artificial grass can still bring you the feeling of spring.


Simulation: Artificial grass is produced by bionic principle, the non-directional and hardness of the grass makes users feel comfortable when moving around without much difference from the natural grass.


Durability: Durable, not easy to fade, especially suitable for the high frequency use of primary and secondary school field.


Economy: easy construction, can be laid in asphalt, cement, hard sand field, basically no maintenance costs.


Sports comfort: artificial turf values are close to or exceed the natural turf, athletes can play on the artificial turf without skin burns, joint damage and other concerns.


Durability: Artificial turf can withstand UV rays, wind, rain and other harsh external conditions for a long time, and can be used frequently throughout the day.


Extensive use: The artificial turf can be applied to different school sports field, stadium and leisure landscaping.


Easy maintenance: artificial turf can be used for a long time after laying, no complicated maintenance work, almost zero maintenance cost.


High cold resistance: The artificial turf can be used normally in the environment of not less than -40℃.